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behaviour plays in the buying decision of consumers by discussing four factors.

Figure 9: Model of the online buying decision process

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The first stage of the buying decision process involves the consumer recognising what the actual problem or need is (Philip Kotler, 2008 p265). This will also mean that the consumer will realise and thus become aware of his desired state compared to his actual condition (M. Pride, 2007), which could be the core factor in motivating the consumer to purchase. In relation to the Tom he might feel as though the vehicle he owns is not meeting his current needs due to being old, he needs more maturity to be able to look presentable and this shows that he has identified his problem and realises this particular need and thus need recognition has been achieved as the first stage.

Thesis Buying Decision

In terms of relative or competitive pricing, Figueiredo (2000) notes that all retail goods on the Internet, except for unique and unusual goods, suffer from commoditisation and therefore suffer pricing pressure. The severe discounting during the latter part of the 1990's (Porter 2001) supports this. Additionally, Zeithaml et al. (2000) measured “price knowledge” which refers to the consumer knowing the range of prices offered by online vendors for a particular product such as a specific model of camera, and both Burton (2001) and Kalakota and Robinson (1999) have argued that a competitive price is essential to online retailing. Absolute, competitive and transparent, pricing are thus the three major components of pricing that may influence the online buying decision.

Five stages comprise the consumer buying decision process - problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and

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