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On the PowerPoint Service Application page, configure the following settings:

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Excerpts from PowerPoint presentations designed by Jordan Yaruss at PowerPoint Services.

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Broadcast Site Users can connect to a broadcast site from Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and broadcast a slide show to remote attendees who can watch by using a Web browser. When the PowerPoint service application is created, a default site will be created and its URL displayed. You can create another broadcast site at another location by creating a new site collection using the PowerPoint Broadcast Site template.

Excerpts from presentations designed by Jordan Yaruss at PowerPoint Services.

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To verify that PowerPoint Automation Services is enabled, do the following:

PowerPoint services are offered to help you make your presentation more demonstrative and effective. While you can be a truly great writer, you may lack skills to create appealing presentations. Presentation help gives you an opportunity to get a good presentation without any efforts. PowerPoint service is not only reliable, but also confidential. Thus, you should not worry whether or not your teacher can ever find out the fact that you used our assistance. As a professional, experienced and reputable provider of PowerPoint services we are able to support you in the long-term outsourcing of your PowerPoint presentation design.PowerPoint Services
Flevy’s presentation designers are hired from McKinsey’s Graphic Visuals team, based in India. Graphic Visuals provided business presentation creation support to McKinsey’s consulting arm. Services range from converting scanned notes into slides to developing PowerPoint master templates. A full list is included at the bottom.Using PowerPoint Automation Services, you can convert from the PowerPoint binary file format (.ppt) and the PowerPoint Open XML file format (.pptx) to other formats. For example, you may want to upgrade a batch of PowerPoint 97–2003 files to Open XML presentation files. You could also create a custom action in the menu to allow users to create a PDF version of presentations on demand.Many businesses, large and small, use their Microsoft SharePoint Server libraries as a repository for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. These businesses all have their own particular needs for storing, distributing, and updating their presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint Automation Services is a new feature of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 that can help enterprises to manage their presentations. It is a shared service that provides unattended, server-side conversion of presentations into other formats. It was designed from the outset to work on servers and can process many presentation files in a reliable and predictable manner.PowerPoint Automation Services takes advantage of facilities of SharePoint 2013 and is a feature of it. You must have SharePoint Server 2013 installed to use PowerPoint Automation Services. If you are using SharePoint Server 2013 in a server farm, you must explicitly enable PowerPoint Automation Services. The information provided in this article about configuring the PowerPoint service application is aimed at IT pros who maintain Microsoft Office Web Apps installed on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products on a stand-alone server or on a server farm. SharePoint 2010 Products in this article refers to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 unless otherwise noted.The PowerPoint service application settings page allows administrators to set supported file formats, determine or specify a broadcast site URL, and disable presentation scanning.The following scenarios describe a couple of ways that you can use PowerPoint Automation Services to automate processing presentations on a server:PowerPoint Automation Services does not include capabilities for printing documents. However, it is straightforward to convert PowerPoint presentation files (.ppt and .pptx) to PDF or XPS and spool them to a printer.