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This is what my research has turned up in this hot new job market of online proofreading jobs.

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Here are the top 7 free online proofreading tools, which help you to write error-free blog posts, when used effectively. Manual proofreading even after using these tools is recommended.

Yes, there are many online proofreading tools. But the above mentioned ones are best ones 🙂

Online Proofreading with Ginger Software

GramMark grammar checker tool analyses your document and provides an in-depth insight about it. I found this is a perfect online proofreading tool for all bloggers, students and content writers alike. After you have edited the content, you can download a revised copy which will be in .doc format (Open with your word processing program such as Microsoft Word or edit with ).

Yes, there are many online proofreading tools. But the above mentioned ones are best ones 🙂

Don’t get discouraged. Just realize that like any job — the better your skills and experience, the better opportunity you have. You wouldn’t assign a plumber to landscape your home. Someone with gardening experience or education in horticulture might be a better option…..only an example. So as you gain experience in being an online proofreader, you will also gain more opportunities.

is a free online proofreading service with basic grammar and editing capabilities.

is the ultimate destination for students who write their essays and academic papers on their own but want an expert to examine their documents to ensure they are clean and flawless. We offer manual which is equally beneficial for students, professionals, and creative/technical writers. We can check it all on your behalf and improve your writing to help you convey your message clearly and precisely. Try our service now for exceptional online proofreading.This option is not inherent to all the proofreaders, though it is quite valuable and convenient tool. If online proofreading service provides you with plagiarism checking you can not only detect all the language mistakes you might have made but also check the originality of your content. Our manual proofreading services offeradditional benefits too! You can work with our certified online proofreaderand have your technical and creative documents checked thoroughly in the shortest possible time – we can finish checking your documents in as little as 3 hours. You can choose from three types of deadlines – 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours – but you'll pay less if your order comes with an extended deadline.Not only students might want to benefit from a top-level online proofreading service. People working in the office or running a firm are also most welcome to have their documents, reports, case studies, contracts and other business papers edited up to the mark.With this in mind, proofreading services at specialized websites play a major role when it comes to turning in quality papers. You can be a student or a person with 10+ years of experience behind your back, but if your self-editing prowess leaves much to be desires (and you know that, don’t you?), online proofreader is a must-hire person for you.But will you proof my paper at a good price? Absolutely, at Check My Essay rates are perhaps the most affordable on the market. Check out the price calculator to ascertain for yourself – prices are hands down fair and will fit into any budget. For a student or for an expert, online proofreading will help improve quality of writing here and now!It is worthwhile getting professional proofreading help after you finish writing an essay. Some students fail to understand the importance of hiring proofreading aid for their writing. Getting your paper professionally edited by online proofreader will not only save time, but also make a good impression on tutor to score highest grades.Online proofreaders are becoming a necessity on the Internet with the massive growth of websites. Online proofreading opportunities crop up daily because content is churned out at a massive rate. Nothing turns a web visitor off more, or prompts loss of credibility points than misspelled words on your website. We’ve all seen them. That glaring spelling error right on a website’s homepage! (Oh…and yes, I was/am guilty of it too. I comb my pages constantly for errors, and I find them. It’s just one of those things you HAVE to stay on top of! And I DO try to, I promise. Thank you to all those that email me and point out every mistake! lol)Our online proofreading service offers real-time affordable editing and proofreading performed by professional proofreaders 24/7. It is important to note that proofreading is the final stage in the process of editing, where editor focuses on correcting misspelling, grammar and punctuation. In addition, essay editors after finishing their editing revisions embark on proofreading separately to provide you with the perfect piece of work.As I said, I have used many online proofreading tools. Many of them are free proofreaders while others are premium or paid proofreading tools, but paid versions to have robust features that make your error-full article a complete, quality article that even a 70-year-old grandma can read and understand. So use these to correct spelling and grammar errors.