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Fundamentals of Getting a PhD Online

Yes, you can get a PhD online from a reputable university. I think that most universities would waive nearly all "residency" type requirements when presented with a body of completed research that well surpasses the minimum requirements for a PhD and a sum of money. I would guess that proving the Riemann hypothesis and donating a building would get you a PhD from your choice of university.

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Searching for Free PhD Programs

It's possible to get a PhD online by choosing a college or university that offers online programmes. Providers include Walden University, Capella University, the University of Phoenix and the University of Florida.

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- Getting a PhD online is not for everyone. It can be a complicated two year procedure with the same time required for a on campus doctoral degree PHD. Students need to study longer and harder, because online doctorate degrees tend to not have dedicated class time. Plus, if the online phd program does have “classes,” it’s in a virtual classroom. For some students, this makes asking questions difficult.

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